Mari Tautimes

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Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author & Coach

About Mari: As a Professional EOS Implementer®, Mari Tautimes helps leaders get everything they want from their businesses … like clarity, accountability, efficiency, profitability, and scalability. When businesses do better, their leaders also do better, enjoying lives that are more balanced and rewarding.

Having learned from the likes of Tony Robbins and Keith Cunningham, Mari is driven to inspire and motivate others to fulfill their potential and achieve their goals. As a wife, a mother of 4, and a business leader with a wealth of personal and professional experience, Mari brings authentic perspective and clarity to audiences of all ages, sizes, experience levels, and industries.

About the Talk: In this talk, Mari will share with you why she feels that being a visionary is actually a Superpower. Once you know this, then you can consciously work to maximize it in all the parts of your life, including knowing when to tone it down and when it isn’t helpful. From there, she’ll cover with you how this very same superpower can cause you to hit the ceiling personally, professionally and in your business and how to break through that ceiling.